The Early Childhood Education Program focuses on the knowledge, skills, attitudes and best practices of early childhood development required for careers in the field of Early Childhood Education. The ECE curriculum emphasizes enhancing development and learning during the early years. ECE students’ in depth knowledge of social, cognitive, physical and emotional development are integrated into best practices for young children through nurturing relationships and age-appropriate activities and curriculum.
Course Description
The Early Childhood Education class is entering the New Year and semester with exciting and informational projects that will be implemented with the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes at Hamlin, West Hamlin and Duval Elementary Schools.

The second year ECE students are beginning their Capstone Project. Practicum students will be using the project approach for learning experiences. The practicum student will conduct research through engaging activities and lesson plans with the classroom based on a topic of interest chosen by the child they have been assessing. During the project the practicum students will constantly reassess what the children know, what the children have learned, and what the children still want to know. Throughout the project the practicum students will also be assessing the development of their chosen child in all developmental domains.

The first year ECE students will be conducting the Famous Art Reproduction Project. During this project practicum students will be assisting children in exploring and recreating a famous piece of art work. The children will learn about the print and the artist as well as correct painting techniques that were used to create the chosen print. The practicum students will then assist the children in recreating the famous art on a large canvas using true-to-print materials, mediums, and techniques. Once the canvas is complete it will be hung in the classroom for children, teachers and parents to admire.