Panther Way Healthcare is the nursing part of the Simulated Workplace, We have jobs assigned to us and we all have different tasks to complete to make our workplace successful. We learn all of the basics of nursing, such as Vital Signs, Anatomy and Physiology, and currently we are studying ECG.

    The employees have also had the opportunity to receive our OSHA Certificate, CPR and First Aid cards, HIPPA Standards, and Proper Dementia care training. Our classroom (the workplace) is set up in two different areas, we have the front of the room set as the standard classroom, and the back of the room is set up as a clinical area. We have all of the equipment we need to learn each function of nursing. We have a hospital bed, an examination table, wheelchairs, walkers, blood pressure cuff, ECG machines, and a lot more medical equipment that is key for us to have in our workplace!
Nursing Pics