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Name Ext/Rm Email Subjects
Adkins, Craig 1265 JROTC
Adkins, David 2123 Earth Science, Space Science, Chemistry, Physics
Adkins, Debbie 2120 Earth Science, Environmental Science
Adkins, Kayla 2109 Biology, Earth and Space Science
Adkins, Randy 1267 English, Math, History
Ashley, Brandi 2119 Anatomy, AP Environment, Forensic Science
Baker, Tiffany 2110 Biology, AP Biology, Environmental Science
Beever, Casey 2141 Algebra 1
Brothers, Lori 1104 English 10 and Technical Writing
Bryant, Holly 1132 History 9
Burns, Kelli 2116 Theater/Film Studies
Campbell, Casey 1221 Multi-Subject
Cook, David 1248 Band, Music, Choir, Guitar
Cook, Kim 1248 Band, Music, Dance, Piano
Cremeans, Jerry 1004 Automotive Technologies
Eliot, Paul 1249 Art
Elkins, Joanna 1045 Therapeutic Services, HOSA
Escue, Jonathan 2107 Honors Chemistry
Frazier, Courtney 1038 Business Computer Applications, Digital Imaging, Desktop Publishing, Web Page Design, and Entrepreneurship
Fusek, Dennis 2137 Math
Hargis, Mahalie Science
Harrison, Laura 2142 Math
Harshbarger, Larry 1042 Robotics, AP Computer Science, and STEM
Hatfield, Megan 2139 Algebra 2 and AP Computer Science Principles
Hazelett, Shelby 1096 Health
Sandridge, Jan 2134 Math
Ice, Mark 4304 Drivers Education
Igo, Tammi 1105 English 10, English 10 Honors
Jones, Jamie 1008 Welding
Jordan, Bradlee  4303  
Joyce, Beth 1108 English 12, Dual Credit English 101/201
Koutsunis, Amy 1102 English 10, English 9 Honors, Speech
Koutsunis, Jason 1127 AP Psychology, Psychology, AP US Government, and Dual Credit Sociology
Lane, Kathy 1144/1143 Library Science
Lawrence, Brian 1021 Law and Public Safety
Likens, Bradley 1190 Health/P.E.
Linville, Gloria 1035 Paraprofessional Sign Language Interpreter
Mastrangelo, Natalie 1103 English 12, English 11
McCloud, Bill 2135 Geometry and Trigonometry
McKinney, David 4301 Co-Teach, READ 180, Algebra I
Messinger, Shane 1019 Building Construction
Neal, Seth 1028 Agriculture Education/FFA
Pauley, Cari 1101 English 11 & AP Literature
Peterson, Shelby 1109 Spanish
Plumley, Dallas 1266 JROTC
Plumley, Lee Ann 2106 Credit Recovery and Virtual School
Plumley, Rodney 1193 Health & Physical Education
Porter, Brittney 2136 Algebra 1 Honors, Algebra 2, Dual Credit Algebra, and AP Calculus
Purdy, Angela 1097 English
Racer, Keree 1134 Social Studies
Shaffer, Kayla 1259   PAEs Lab
Snyder, Jill 1124 Options Pathway
Stickler, Allison 1098 Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry
Terry, Michelle 1125 U.S. History
Tierney, Casey 1130 History
Walden, Megan 1264 Early Childhood Ed.
Walker, Melissa 1035 Resource English 9 and 12, Transitional Math and Co-Teach English 9 and 10
Watson, Josh 1131 Civics/Government
Watts, Shannon 1112 English
Office Staff      
Adkins, Angie 2500 Secretary
Adkins, Cindy 1159/1065 Secretary
Baker, Tera 1177 Financial Secretary
Burch, Regina 1178 Secretary
Edmonds, Megan 1157 Social Worker
Frye, Jessica 1151 Counselor (A-LA)
Mathis, Tab 1172 Principal
McCormick, Mike 1145 Technology and Media
Miller, Matt 1061 Career and Technical Ed Supervisor
Mullins, Mary 1152 Counselor (LB-Z)
McComas, Sue 1119 Assistant Principal
Preece, Lee 1174 School Resource Officer
Ryan, Teresa 1162 School Nurse
Smith, Kerri 1150 Social Worker
Smith, Polly 2127 Assistant Principal
Shawn Spence 1141 Network/Technology