Wall of Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence is defined by the ability to perform, achieve, and/or excel in scholastic activities.  11th grade students participated in the PSAT (Practice SAT Test) in October to prepare for the upcoming SAT School Day on April 13th, 2022.  The following 14 students demonstrated the ability to achieve academic excellence by scoring benchmark in both Math and ELA.  LCHS administration and staff have compiled the data from this test and have been working hard in their classes to build upon the skills that students presented.  We look forward to honoring those students who demonstrate that they have excelled through their hard work and dedication on the upcoming SAT!

Juniors demonstrating Academic Excellence:

  1. Bailey Adkins
  2. Haleigh Adkins
  3. Victoria Brady 
  4. Emily Cooper
  5. Chloe Dean
  6. Faith Greene
  7. Emma Harless
  8. Isaiah Koontz
  9. Maci Lunsford
  10. Richard Nance 
  11. Korey Pritt
  12. Connor Ross
  13. Brayden Starcher
  14. Ava Webb